Best Telegram News Channels

Best telegram News channel

Not everyone has the time to look up to news channels on TV every night to stay updated about the news. Nor do they have enough patience to read the lengthy newspapers.

So, it becomes really important to have such resources which can help you to stay updated with the news.

Now, if you are using Telegram, I have some good news for you. There are channels on Telegram that help you stay updated with the happenings around.

I mean how resourceful it is to have summarised news in your hands and all the relevant stuff being sent automatically on your channel. These are the very advantages that news channels on Telegram offer you.

This article will lead you to such useful and apt news channels on Telegram that you may find handy.

The list contains news channels that cover Indian demography as well as foreign matters to meet the interests of our readers.

The Telegram News Channels List

Following are the best news channels on Telegram that we have sorted for you-

Channel Name          LINK
All Important News
Telegram News
A GRoUP Of eBookz
Daily ePaper
The Washington Post
BBC News
Yid News
Reuters: World News

Advantages of These News Channels-

  1. Summarized news in your hands.
  2. You get notification every time a new update is made. So you don’t have to look up again and again for news.
  3. Easy to access.
  4. Ad-free news accessibility.
  5. Authentic news with minimal irrelevant information.

The above-mentioned channels have been selected after examining by our team so that you do not get into any fraud or false channel.

We try to provide you with authentic and trustworthy news channels available on Telegram. You can have a variety and you can choose the channel that matches your preferences.

Best UPSC Channels on Telegram

UPSC Telegram Channel

We are here with the list of Best Telegram Channels for UPSC for our readers. Cracking UPSC or Civil service has to be one of the most desired achievements in Indian society.

Indians always prefer to have a bureaucrat Job, Because of it secures the career in a better way.

We believe this is the pinnacle of a career that anyone can reach.  

Once you crack the UPSC exam, you get an opportunity to become a bureaucrat, an IPS officer, Indian ambassador, and Revenue officer in the country. All these are regarded as the most prestigious jobs of our country.

It is a very encouraging Job where every person who cracks the Exam will going to help out its country aspirants in many different ways.

But breaking the UPSC Exam is not a child’s play. It requires skills, knowledge, and proper guidance. It is the toughest exam in India.  

If you are planning to fight this exam, we would be glad to help you out. We believe that in fighting this exam you should get every bit of help possible.

We believe these groups will help you to get better results for your preparation, As the groups work for you and guide you the core element which leads to successfully crack the UPSC Exam.

So, here, we list out some of the best channels in Telegram that are dedicated towards UPSC. These channels provide you with the study material, regular bulletins, content, tutorial videos, question-answers, and quizzes. Besides that, you can also ask for guidance or expert advice.

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC 2019

UPSC channel
Up-Pcs 2020
Acumen IAS
E-Books and magazines
UPSC Materials
Only CivilServices
IAS & PCS Adda
Target UPSC
IAS Studies
Physics Books
UPSC Notes
UPSC Answer Writing
UPSC Materials
Indian Books
UPSC Prelims
The Hindu Zone
Encyclopedia Britannica
Mind Maps for IAS
History Optional
Bright Future
Mathematics Optional
UPSC Discussion Group for All
Videos for civil Services
Civil Services ADDA

Will Joining These Channels Help me?   

See, the thing is that UPSC exam is not your regular school or college exam that you can pass with only studying a couple of months or so. You need a lot more than a months’ preparation.

Not only that but the quality of the material you study also matters. You should get all the help you can get in order to conquer your goal.

These Telegram channels which are dedicated towards UPSC preparation help you in this case. These are an excellent aid to your preparations.

They give you quality notes, important content, news, information and data, model papers, and quizzes that matter a lot.

Plus, they do not even charge a single penny from you. They are absolutely free. So, we do not have any issue in suggesting you join these channels.

Best Furry Telegram Groups


Furry telegram groups are basically meant for fur lovers. This category of furs include dogs, cats, bears, wolves, rabbits, and many more.

So people in these groups cherish their fur love. They share and enjoy furry content.

Furry Telegram Groups

This article will lead you to some of the most interesting and engaging furry groups on Telegram.

The list given below is going to be very helpful if you are a fur lover looking for furry chats on Telegram.

So, let’s have a look.  

Best Furry Telegram Groups list

Given below are the furry channels that we would like to suggest you if you are a fur lover-

Furry Stickers
Furry Chat 16+
Reddit Furry Chat
Furry Stickers Chat
Georgia Furs(PG)
[SFW] Fluffchat | Never Enough Fluff
Wisconsin Furs SFW Chat
WPAFW Event Chat
Colorado Furries Entry Group

Points to Remember While Joining These Groups

Well, joining these groups is easy but there are a few things that I would like you to know before joining these groups-

  1. These groups are basically meant for furry-lovers, so if you are not one of the admirers of fur, you should avoid these groups.
  2. You need to be specific about the subject in these groups. You can only send furry-oriented SMS, image, and videos.
  3. Admins automatically delete scammers’ links, posts, and messages.


Well, the motivation for joining these groups will come only if you are a fur lover.

In these groups, all members are fur lovers and if you belong to the same category, then you might feel like home in these groups.

But it becomes really hard for non-fur lovers to survive in these groups because they get bored of the content very easily.

So, think clearly before joining these groups.