Best Telegram Channels List

Tired of searching for best channels on Telegram? Well, it’s not only you but anyone who searches for good Telegram Channels will get fed up of exploring because there are a huge number of channels to choose from. So choosing a few good channels from a pool of different channels is a difficult task.

But here, we would try to answer all your questions and give you a brief idea about what is a Telegram channel and along with that, will give you a personalized list of best Telegram channels for you to choose.

But before getting into this list, let us see what a telegram channel is and what are its features, how to create one and other relevant stuff.

Telegram was the first platform to have a channel feature. Today, there are other platforms that offer channel features like Whatsapp and Facebook. A channel at these platforms goes by the name of “Whatsapp group” or “Facebook group”.  

Whatsapp Group vs Telegram Channels

The major difference between a WhatsApp group and a telegram channel is that in WhatsApp, the number of members in a single group is limited to merely 256. But in telegram, there is no such limit. A channel can have unlimited members.

Another major distinguishment between WhatsApp and telegram is that the size of shareable files also varies. In WhatsApp, you can only send a file maximum of the size of 16MB but telegram allows you to send files whose size goes up to 1.5 GB.

What is a Telegram Channel?

what is telegram channel?

Basically, a channel in Telegram is a way of message broadcasting. In simple words, a channel is an effective tool of communicating a message with a large number of audience at the same time. The audience being the members of the channel.

The message or idea can be anything. For example, in a channel, you can find specific knowledge or relevant data and information about any subject. Nowadays, Telegram channels are a very good medium for sharing knowledge.

If you are interested in Telegram, it would most probably be because of the fact that Telegram has numerous engaging channels that offer plenty of services, information, content, and data to everyone. In fact, Telegram channels are the very reason why people prefer using Telegram.

What is Broadcasting?

Broadcasting means to communicate or share an idea, message, information or data to a large audience. And Telegram broadcasting means to communicate through telegram.

For communicating in telegram, we have channels. Telegram channels are a tool for broadcasting. Through channels, we can communicate with a larger audience and that too very quickly.  So, channels ensure quick and safe broadcasting and sharing of data reaches a larger number of people.

Types of Telegram Channels

Based on the user database, Telegram channels can be divided into 2 types-

1. Public channels

Public channels are those channels that have a username. They are easily available on the internet and anyone can search them to join.  

 2. Private channels

Channels not open for public fall under this category. To join these groups, you need either an invite link or only the creator can add you in the channel.

How Can I Create a Telegram Channel?

Creating a channel on telegram is not a big deal. It is as easy as creating an account on telegram. Follow these steps to create a channel of your own-

  1. You will see a pen icon at the bottom of the screen, when you open the app. You need to select it and then choose NEW CHANNEL option. The task is done!
how to create telegram channel

2. Thereafter, you need to give your channel a name, add an image to your channel and write a suitable description of the channel.

name and description of telegram channel
creating a channel

3. As you can see in the above image, after giving the channel a name and description,  you will require to select whether you want your channel to be a public channel or a private channel to finish the creation.

You are given a permanent link  for the channel below these options.  

How to Join a Channel?

joining a telegram channel

Joining a channel is easy. First of all, you need to open or go to the channel you wish to join. You will see a JOIN button at the bottom of your screen.

Tap the join button and you’re done.

Features of a Telegram Channel

To know about the channels in a better way, here, we are listing some of the major features of telegram channel

  • Type of channel

A telegram channel can be private or public.

A public channel has a username and one can easily join a public channel. But for joining a private channel, you need the channel’s invite link.

  • Unlimited members

A telegram channel can have unlimited number of members. Unlike other platforms, telegram has not put any limit on the ceiling of members.

Moreover, whenever a new member joins the channel, he can get access to all the messages from the start.

  • Image and description

Every channel needs an image or a channel icon which is a square picture so that channel can be identified easily.

The description of the channel includes a brief idea about the channel and its content.

  • Shareable file size

As whatsapp allows you to send a file with maximum size of 16MB, telegram does not have any limitation on the size of the file that can be shared.

Telegram allows sharing of files up to the size of 1.5 GB.

  • Pinning of post

Pinning of a post is basically highlighting a specific message so that it is visible to both, the new users as well as old users.

The creator can pin out any post or any message that he feels is important for others to know.

  • Notification management

Whenever a message is dropped in the channel, its notification reaches to all the members.

However, there is an option of ‘silent broadcasting’ in the channel, which if you choose, will allow you to send a message without it popping up on the screen of the members.

Benefits of Joining a Telegram Channel

Every telegram channel has its own set of advantages to go with. It depends on the type and content of the channel whether it is beneficial or not.

Some of the advantages of telegram channels are listed below-

  1. Specific channels give you well drafted and specific knowledge on the subject.
  2. A lot of people(members) get benefitted at the same time.
  3. Helps in conducting polls, gathering information about any topic.
  4. Provides ad-free content and knowledgeable environment.
  5. Helps a lot in the advertisement as one can get potential users of a product or service at one place and that too in large numbers.
  6. Helps in effective and efficient business promotion.
  7. Users get valuable information for free.  

There you have it, we hope you understood about Telegram Channels. So, go ahead and start your group now to have fun with your family and friends.

10 + Best Furry Telegram Stickers

Well, you must have gone through the furry telegram groups list. There, you can get to know what these Furry groups basically are and you can even join one of the best telegram furry groups.

Here, we are about to show you the best telegram furry stickers that will make your furry experience a lot better.

It is natural that when you are a fur lover, you want to make more and more use of fur content.

And we want to facilitate you in this by providing you with some cool and unique furry stickers on telegram.

So, let’s go!


Fur stickers are like the tools for enhancing the fun in your chatting. These are highly demanded among the fur-lovers.

These stickers depict furry characters in manual expressions. See the image below and you will know what i am talking about.

furry stickers on telegram

You can see how all the manual expressions are depicted by a cartoon fox. This is exactly what fur-lovers need.


Following are some of the most interesting furry stickers on Telegram-

Sherlock Hound

Sherlock Hound stickers


Fizzel telegram stickers

Spotted Hyena

spotted Hyena stickers

Sake And Tako

Sake and Tako stickers


Rascal stickers on Telegram


Percy stickers telegram


Stoop stickers telegram


Toyapup stickers telegram

Winter snow wolf

winter snow wolf stickers

Ice Raccoon

Ice Raccoon stickers telegram


Well, if you have seen my earlier article on stickers, you know how easy it is to add stickers in your account.

Still, if you have any issue, I will tell you the easiest way of adding these stickers to your account.

Just click on the link and tap the “Add Stickers” option that appears.

After clicking this option, your work’s done! These stickers will be added in your account.

We hope you enjoyed all the sticker packs we showed you here. We explored a lot of packs and then came up with these best suitable packs for you.

Thank you for reading.

Telegram Stickers

You must have used WhatsApp and its emoticons. If you have then you will easily understand what Stickers are. Stickers are similar to those but they have a vast variety. Telegram Stickers are a very unique and eye-catching way of keeping someone engaged in your conversation.

Stickers are like an upgrade to the emoticons. There was a time when the SMS service had only texting options. Then came these emoticons which made messages more interesting. And now we have stickers. A new way of communicating.

Telegram offers you a complete pack or set of stickers having hundreds of stickers. It offers one of the most exciting and interesting stickers to work with.  

The problem arises when you have to choose the best suitable pack of stickers among the pool of different sticker packs. The stickers are increasing every day and that is where people can not find a suitable pack to choose.

So, basically, stickers are additions to your chat to make your experience full of fun. Here, in the list given in this article, we would try to help you by sorting out the better sticker packs from the rest.

Telegram Sticker Packs – What Are They?

Anyone who has used emoticons will find that operating emoticons and stickers are a lot similar. Stickers are much more advanced, fresh, creative and are available in a very vast majority.

Telegram has different sets of stickers to fit every situation. And every set contains a good number of stickers. Telegram helps users to express their exact expression by delivering and suggesting different stickers at times.

Users have access to send multiple stickers at a time. There are default stickers that come with every app and users can also download stickers from third-party apps. All the stickers are free and are designed in the WebP format.

Adding Stickers to Telegram

To add any sticker pack to your telegram account, you need to have the link for the sticker pack.

After getting the link, click on it. It will ask your permission to open in Telegram messenger.

You’ll see the “Add stickers” option with every sticker pack. Tap on it and that pack will be added in your telegram account.

As far as the creator of the group is concerned, he can assign a default for the group members. All the members can use the stickers in that default pack.

Emoticons VS Stickers

Telegram’s stickers and WhatsApp’s emoticons are a lot similar. But Emoticons are not flexible, they do not fit every situation. There is simply not much creativity in them.

Telegram Stickers1

Using stickers give you a facial expression image and that is much more expressive as compared to emojis.

In one sense, the stickers express your feelings and mood in a much clearer way.

How Can I Create a New Sticker?  

Unlike other messaging services, you can actually create and send a sticker to telegram so that others might use it as well.

You can design and create your own stickers according to your mood and use them as per your desire. It is a very fun task.

For doing so, first of all, you need to submit an application through conversation with the ‘Stickers bot’ at

In the conversation, you will be asked to give your sticker pack a name, also send the stickers you want to use. After that, you’ll see your sticker is added to the pack.

Types of Stickers

Telegram offers you an ocean of stickers to play with. Broadly, they are grouped on the basis of their emotions. These stickers can be divided into the following categories-

Movies and characters

 Movie Stickers

VIPs and famous personalities

VIP stickers

TV shows and series

TV Show Stickers


News Stickers


Cartoon stickers


Animal stickers


Stickers on people


technology stickers


meme stickers


plants stickers


me stickers


other stickers

How to Share Your Own Stickers

Creating stickers on telegram is a very easy task. After creating your own set of stickers, you can share them with your circle and use them.

Yes, telegram allows you to share the stickers you create as well. You can share them on telegram or even on WhatsApp.

Telegram stickers can be shared on WhatsApp as well. For doing so, you might get a little help from the below step-

  1. Open the app and tap on the 3-bar icon at the top-left corner.
  2. Tap settings and find ‘Stickers and masks’ in theirs.
  3. Select the 3-dot icon next to the sticker pack that you wish to share and select ‘copy link’.
  4. You’re done! Just share the link and they can also enjoy the cool collection of stickers you made.
  5. You can even share this link on WhatsApp and enjoy these stickers in WhatsApp.

Features of Telegram Stickers

Even though Telegram stickers do not have many features but there are a few features that we do not want you to miss-

  • Enhances conversations

With the help of these stickers, you can create interests in your chats and conversation. Boring conversations get spiced up with the help of stickers.

  • A lot of variety to fit every situation

There are a number of varieties of telegram stickers. All these varieties are specially created to fit every situation and express your feelings more clearly

  • Very creative

Stickers are created by a qualified and creative team. So, they never disappoint you whenever creativity is concerned.

  • You can have your stickers as well

Telegram helps you in showing your creativity as well. It allows you to make your own stickers. If you do not like the default stickers, then you can draft your own stickers through a very simple method.

  • Shareable

One more thing that makes stickers unique is that the stickers that you make are shareable. You just need to copy the link and you can share it with anyone.

You can even share it on other messaging services like WhatsApp.

  • Better than WhatsApp emoticons

The telegram stickers are far better than WhatsApp emoticons. I am saying this because emoticons are just little icons whereas stickers are full-fledged images with better representation of your feelings.

Moreover, stickers are more creative than emoticons.   

Benefits of Telegram Stickers

Here, we list a few reasons as to why adding these stickers to your account will prove to be helpful-

  1. You can share your emotions easily and more precisely.
  2. It is a fun task. So using, creating and sharing of these stickers enhances the fun.
  3. These are much more creative and engaging than regular emoticons.
  4. The availability and usage of these stickers are too easy. Many of the stickers come as default settings.  
  5. You can even create your own set of stickers that you like and you wish to use.
  6. Expressing your thoughts through stickers depict a  visual representation which is much clearer than verbal expression.
  7. So, you can say that having stickers in your chat can not only help you in making the chat interesting but also helps you in expressing your thought clearly.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about Telegram Stickers.

Thank You for reading.

Best Malayalam Telegram Channels List and Join Link

Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala. Recently, a lot of content has come up in Malayalam. And Telegram has gained popularity in Kerala as well.

This article will completely focus on the Malayalam audience or on those who wish to see content in the Malayalam language so if you are searching for content in some other language, I am sorry that this article won’t help you.

As usual, our team has done some research work and will try to give you the best available Malayalam content.

Our Malayalam Telegram channels list covers channels across all sections from movies to news and education.

So, let’s start the list.

Malayalam Telegram Channels List

Telegram Malayalam Movie Channel

This channel gives you access to the best Malayalam movies and HD content.

Join with-

Telegram Malayalam Music Channel

Join this channel to get access to all types of Malayalam songs and get the direct download link in zip as well as mp3 format. It has over 18000 members.

Join with-

Mollywood Diaries Channel

Here, you get songs, short videos, film criticism, and gossips of Malayalam cinema.

Join with-


This channel provides you with news from the Malayalam cinema.

Join with-

Must Read : Malayalam Books Channel

This channel provides you with useful books to study. You can access Malayalam books here daily.

Join with-

Malayalam Troll pics

This channel is famous for providing images and funny content in Malayalam language.

Join with-

NewsHead (Malayalam)

You get access to daily Malayalam news here. News from government, sports, politics, health, education, and many other sectors is covered in this channel.

Join with-

Tech Experts

You get knowledge about the IT sector in this channel. You get to know about new inventions, techniques, etc, all in Malayalam language.

Join with-

TG Encyclopedia

This channel is the encyclopedia for Malayalam users. Here, you get relevant and good quality knowledge and you can also share the knowledge you have.

Join with-

 Malayalam Meme Maker

This is one of the best Malayalam meme channels that you will find. If you want to enjoy the best Malayalam memes, then this channel is for you.

Join with-

That was the list folks. Hope you enjoy the Telegram Malayalam channels and find what you are looking for.

Best 18+ Telegram Channels

Well, this article is for those who enjoy the dark humour aka the adult humour. Join the Best 18+ Telegram Channels to enjoy the intense adult humour.

Note: We are not hosting any 18+ content here, it’s just the links of channels submitted by users.

There is nothing wrong in watching or enjoying the 18+ content but only if you are an adult. Most of the times, this content turns out to be more interesting than the others.

If you are an adult, you can decide what is good for you and what is not. You get a little mature when you cross that 18-years and this is why you should take responsibility for following the right path.

So, the list is provided here, but the decision remains to be yours.

Our team examined many channels and then came up with these channels. These include adult humour channels, porn channels on Telegram, adult photos channels, etc.

So, here we would be providing you with the list of best 18+ channels on Telegram for your entertainment.

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Why 18+ Content?

Well, we do not strictly recommend the 18+ content for everyone, we just want this content to reach the right audience.

The question that arises here is that what is the need for 18+ content?

Well, it is simple, with time, the needs, interests, wishes and desires of an individual change. When you are a kid, you enjoy cartoons and relevant stuff but as growing up you lose interest in them, right?

Similarly, an adult does not want to have the same old humour in his life, he needs a change. It applies for both, girls and boys.

So, the 18+ content can help you out in the following manner-

  • Deal with depression
  • Relieving the pressure of school, college, etc.
  • Relief from social media addiction
  • Coming to terms with a new style of humour.
  • Cheering you up in bad days.

The Best 18+ Channels on Telegram-

Here is the list of channels that we have sorted for you-

Real S*x
Celebrity Nude
Telegram Porn
S*x Dome 18+
Uncensored (18+)
Erotic 18+
Sweet P*rn
S*x Photos 18+
Hentai Pictures
p*rn Girls
Word Porn
Hot Bitches 18+
P*rnx Tube
Virgin Girls

Best 18+ Stickers on Telegram

As the name suggests, the stickers 18+ are stickers made for adults specifically. These are not advisable for everyone but adults.

These are built basically to enhance the adult experience of adults while talking on Telegram.

Everyone knows how stickers prove to be helpful while chatting on Telegram. These not only stimulate fun but also lead to engaging conversations.

Note: We are not hosting any 18+ content here, it’s just the stickers links submitted by users.

Telegram offers you numerous types of sticker categories. Among these, 18+ stickers are one thing that has been one of the most searched and used sticker category.

This is why, in this article, I am going to list some of the most interesting 18+ stickers that you can use to double the joy on Telegram.

So, let’s go start.


Well, enjoying adult humour is not a crime. Actually, it is even funnier than your regular humour. With time, an adult’s taste changes and they turn to more mature stuff.

That is why they tend to enjoy adult humour more.

Now, just like regular stickers, these stickers also help you in making your conversation more interesting. These are adult stickers which help you in enhancing the humour of your conversation.

If you are having an adult conversation with your friends, then using these stickers will help you express your expressions in a more creative and funny way.


If you are searching for some adult stickers then, the following list of 18+ stickers might help you a bit.

Hot Chicks
Sexy Tits
Sexy Love
Amateur Fanny
[email protected] Sutra ABC
Sexy Pack
Very [email protected]

So, here you have the list of best 18+ stickers that you can use in your daily conversations.

Hope you would like these sticker packs.