How to Join a Telegram Channel

How to join a Telegram Channel

Do you want to know how to join a Telegram channel?

Here you will see the complete guide to join any Telegram channel without any issues.

Telegram is a very good source for sharing the messages and files to the users. Telegram includes many groups and channels which may be formed by the influencers and industrialists to connect with the large members to reach their goals.

Telegram is the best competitor for Whatsapp, as it provides special features like highly secured message sharing, higher group and channels member limit, and up to 1.5 Gb file sharing option.

These are some basic features which may lead the users to increase their brand’s growth and approach.

Many people use Telegram in their day to day life but they never know how to join or connect with any Telegram channel. But don’t worry you can join any Telegram channels after reading this article completely.

We can join a Telegram channel in mainly 3 ways.

Steps to join a Telegram Channel

  1. Open the Telegram app, Click on the Search bar.

2. Type the User name or User Id of the channel in the search bar which you want to join.

3. From the below list select the desired channel, and then click on “JOIN” Button to join the channel.

Some other ways to join the Telegram Channels by link.

  • One more similar way to Join any Telegram channel is searching the User ID or channel Id. Many times this channel id is more similar to the User name of the channel, you can search this Id in the search bar and click on “Join” Button to join any Channel.
  • Join a Telegram Channel by Clicking on the Link, You can easily join a Telegram channel if you got the channel link. These links are mainly given on many official websites, or in Youtube video description box. Once you find the correct link click on the link and then click “Join” Button to join the channel.

There are some other ways to join a Telegram channel without knowing their names and links.

  • You can join a Telegram Channel freely by searching its name on the internet, the Internet is the best source to get the Telegram channel joining link. Here you can search the top channels by searching keywords like “Best Telegram channel for movies” whatever you like, it will show you many sites who collected and presented a large list of channels related to your need.
  • You can also use the Telegram Bots, these are basically the computer-generated bots who collected the results according to the users need. You will see many Telegram bots on the internet.
  • For joining the Telegram channels you can reach the various Listing sites, these are some basic sites who collected the list of channels and categorise them in the particular formats with their joining link. Where you can reach the channels related to Download movies, Entertainment, and music etc.


A single Telegram channel can reach up to 200K people, You can also join the various Telegram channels to update your knowledge from day to day updates on the Telegram app.

We have listed the all possible ways to join a Telegram channel here, You can easily join any Telegram channel by following the process above. And if you find any difficulty in joining any Telegram Channel, feel free to comment us, we will definitely help you to solve your issue.

How to Download Telegram for PC

Download Telegram for pc

Telegram is a free messenger tool or the software which is available in its desktop version also. Telegram can run on any of your computer, PC or MAC devices. Telegram offers its services for the desktop and laptop in the same way as for mobile phones.

Whenever you required to run the Telegram app on desktop or laptop, all the messages will automatically sync with all your desktop and tablet devices. The Telegram app must be logged-in into your mobile phone before you want to open Telegram in your computer.

Telegram Synced

You can use Telegram on your computer in two ways.

You can either download the Free software “Telegram for PC” or you can use Telegram Web-Messenger for using Telegram on the Web.

How to open Telegram on the Web

For using Telegram on your computer via Web-browser, You can click on the link for login and start the chatting.

Telegram web

Now, you need to submit the registered phone number from which you need to open your account and submit the OTP code that comes via Telegram on your phone to open and sync the contacts and messages on your desktop Telegram app.

The OTP code comes in a separate Telegram group with the other sharing responsibility details.

Whenever you use Telegram on your desktop or laptop, you required to submit your existing registered Telegram account to quickly sync all messages and media from your phone.

How to download Telegram for PC for desktop

You can freely download the Telegram Desktop app from the official website to work on telegram from the desktop.

Steps to download and Install telegram for PC

This step by step mentod will guide you to install the Telegram app on the desktop without any third-party emulator.

Telegram for PC download
  • Now select the Telgarm version which suits your computer.
  • Download the selected Telegram app for your MAC/Windows and Linux based computer.
Telegram for PC download
  • Click on Install to install the Telegram app for desktop.
Telegram for PC download
  • After completing the installation process, Now click on Start messaging.
Telegram for PC download
  • Here select the Country and enter your Telegram registered Mobile number for generating OTP.
Telegram for PC download
  • Now, Submit the OTP to complete the installation process.
Telegram for PC download
  • Now Start Messaging and connect with people by searching their username on the search bar.

Uses of Telegram

Telegram allows you to join any Telegram channels from the list by searching their Usernames in the search bars.

Telegram is also helpful for many business activities, it allows to make groups of up to 200000 people. Which helps various business leaders to enlarge their business. Integrating with such a huge audience at a single place will definitely get better results in business.

Telegram is the best source for students, Students can share large study materials like Media, Audio and Text file with numerous other students in a single platform. Telegram allows to share up to 1.5 GB of the file at a time.

Features of Telegram

  • You can search for new members to join, by searching their user name in the search bar at the top centre in the app.
  • Applying your notifications setting will always in your hands, you can mute or unmute the chats and notifications whenever you want.
  • The whole power of any messaging group like deleting or adding any member from the group, adding and deleting group images and messages, etc will be in the hands of Administrator, you can make more than one administrator in Telegram.
Telegram mobile app

Security, Speed & Storage


  • Telegram is a highly secured and speedy messaging application, The app always supports its users in all the security issues related to this app and also submit the results with very high speed. It supports all the devices in an effective way.
  • It offers a high encryption chat system to the user at various locations to protect their private and confidential topics.

As an alternative to Whatsapp, it also promises to the user that the user’s data will never be disrupted and share with any other third party media which usually WhatsApp never yet promised to its users.


In this app sending a large number of Photos, Media, Audio files to any number of members may not take large time and can even the files can immediately reach the decided locations.

Storage and Sending Limit

Telegram allows its users to share any files of up to 1.5 GB to no. of users at the same time. Not even this Telegram also provides Unlimited Storage capacity to its users without charging any cost, which means you can save your media and files on the cloud.

Telegram Cloud Storage

As compared with Whatsapp Web the “Telegram for PC” was developed with a focus on the security of messages, this app provides various important features to its users which are generally more advanced from Whatsapp.