Best UPSC Channels on Telegram

UPSC Telegram Channel

We are here with the list of Best Telegram Channels for UPSC for our readers. Cracking UPSC or Civil service has to be one of the most desired achievements in Indian society.

Indians always prefer to have a bureaucrat Job, Because of it secures the career in a better way.

We believe this is the pinnacle of a career that anyone can reach.  

Once you crack the UPSC exam, you get an opportunity to become a bureaucrat, an IPS officer, Indian ambassador, and Revenue officer in the country. All these are regarded as the most prestigious jobs of our country.

It is a very encouraging Job where every person who cracks the Exam will going to help out its country aspirants in many different ways.

But breaking the UPSC Exam is not a child’s play. It requires skills, knowledge, and proper guidance. It is the toughest exam in India.  

If you are planning to fight this exam, we would be glad to help you out. We believe that in fighting this exam you should get every bit of help possible.

We believe these groups will help you to get better results for your preparation, As the groups work for you and guide you the core element which leads to successfully crack the UPSC Exam.

So, here, we list out some of the best channels in Telegram that are dedicated towards UPSC. These channels provide you with the study material, regular bulletins, content, tutorial videos, question-answers, and quizzes. Besides that, you can also ask for guidance or expert advice.

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC 2019

UPSC channel
Up-Pcs 2020
Acumen IAS
E-Books and magazines
UPSC Materials
Only CivilServices
IAS & PCS Adda
Target UPSC
IAS Studies
Physics Books
UPSC Notes
UPSC Answer Writing
UPSC Materials
Indian Books
UPSC Prelims
The Hindu Zone
Encyclopedia Britannica
Mind Maps for IAS
History Optional
Bright Future
Mathematics Optional
UPSC Discussion Group for All
Videos for civil Services
Civil Services ADDA

Will Joining These Channels Help me?   

See, the thing is that UPSC exam is not your regular school or college exam that you can pass with only studying a couple of months or so. You need a lot more than a months’ preparation.

Not only that but the quality of the material you study also matters. You should get all the help you can get in order to conquer your goal.

These Telegram channels which are dedicated towards UPSC preparation help you in this case. These are an excellent aid to your preparations.

They give you quality notes, important content, news, information and data, model papers, and quizzes that matter a lot.

Plus, they do not even charge a single penny from you. They are absolutely free. So, we do not have any issue in suggesting you join these channels.

Best Telegram Kannada Movie Channels

Best Telegram kannada Movie Channels

Telegram is a very good source to download and watch the various movies of different genre. Like we can download various movies either of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telegu and Kannada from various sources within few days of its release. Telegram is also one of a mainly used platform for downloading and updating your gallery with the latest releases.

Kannada film industry is also known as sandalwood. Kannada film industry is the origin of Karnataka, where most of the public loves to talk in the Kannada language.

For every Sandalwood industry lovers, our team has collected a proper list of various legal and updated Telegram Channels form where you can easily download and watch the new and latest Kannad movie without any spam links. As when you go on Telegram to download any movie, you will just get the spam and redirect links if you are not updated with the appropriate channels for Kannada movie download.

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Kannad Movie Industry

The grace of the Kannada movie industry is rising at very fast, many Kannada Movies are the most trending movies in recent years with in the world. Now, the producers are ready to invest a huge amount in film production.

The demand for the actress like Tara, Rachita Ram, Prema is rising in the whole Bollywood industry for different projects.

Kannad Industry is the fifth largest and biggest film industry after Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil industry and Telugu film industry according to the Box-Office Collection.

One of the biggest Film of 2019 The KGF Chapter 1, Kurukshetra which crosses more than 240 Crores in the gross collection has also increased the craze of the public in the industry movies. People around the Country are seriously waiting for the release of the next projects of the industry.

The capital of Karnataka is Bengaluru where most of the Actors and Actresses shoots for their movies. Karnataka is the first state where they launch the biggest technical series of courses related to the film industry.

How to Download the Kannad Movies from Telegram

Downloading a movie from Telegram is very easy than download from other sources. Because when you go for download any video and movie form other sites around the internet, you will just see and observed the redirect link all around the web. You will never get the proper content you need.

So these are the steps to download any movie from Telegram without even spending 5 minutes on the app.

  • First Click on the link given after the channel name in the list, you will be redirected to the official channel over Telegram.
  • Next, Start joining the channels in the list and then find the required movie by searching the chats.
  • Once you got the movie which you like then check its picture quality by measuring the screenshots.
  • And then click on download option to download the movie from Telegram.
  • Downloading process will start just after tapping the download button.

If you are not satisfied with the one channel, you can try the other from the list for the content you want to download.

Best Telegram Kannada Movie Channels

Best Telegram kannada Movie Channels

Here is the list of best Kannada movies channels out of the thousands. These channels which we have listed below are most trusted among the many other on Telegram. Here you will find all the latest and trending movies in HD quality links for downloading.

Channel Name Channel Link
Kannada HD Movies
Tamil Rockers Kannad
Kannada Rockers
New Kannada Movies uploader
New kannada mivies HD
Cinema Talkies
New Movies HD Kannada
Hindi NEW HD Movies
Kannada New Movies
Kannada movies rockers
Sandelwood Movies Kannada
SD Movies
Kannada moviez HD
Kannada Cinemahub
Kannada Movies Lovers
ASN kannada movies HD


All the Kannad movie download channels we have listed above is personally checked by our team members. They have also participated in all the channels and check the picture quality and then suggest the channels accordingly.

Hope you will surely enjoy the Kannada movie from the above platforms, Feel free to comment us in the comment section for your experience with these channels then you can do us a comment. And you can also suggest us in the comment for any other reputed Telegram channel which has skipped in our list.

Best Video Channels for Telegram

Best Telegram Channels for videos

Are you searching for a list of Telegram video channels? if yes then you are at the right place.

Video is a more defined medium for presenting any topic, most of the time we have seen many topics in every industry like Business, Education, Medical. Everything is not represented in the form of pictures only, we always need some videos related to the topic so that we can understand the complete process.

Like youtube many other video streaming sites are increases their business by providing the facility to upload videos on the internet for free.

People are earning millions all around the world. Everyone whom we met wants to shoot the video for uploading on youtube. It has become a business for many people around the world.

Apart from that videos are also providing much useful information which we could not easily conclude from the pictures and posters. Videos now become the source of study, education for many people who are not getting the other sources like teachers and schools properly.

But before going to watch any video like funny videos, business video we always need a proper channel where we can get the video related to our interest only.

Everyone needs a proper list of category and no one wants to waste their time in searching so much for the content they want to reach. Like while watching youtube no one gets the videos of a single category on the screen in a single search.

Telegram is the best source to solve this issue, Here you will get a choice to select and join the channels and groups on which you find the content which you need.

And not just video channels you can also join many other channels like Music Channel, Movie Channel, 18+ channel etc according to your passion.

Here we have collected a proper list of best video channels on Telegram where you will get the video channels of different category, from which you can join channels by clicking in the “JOIN” link.

Many times we find the spam content and fraud links on the channels on Telegram but don’t worry our team has personally checked all the channels listed below and then finalize an appropriate list. You will get all the latest and best-suited videos on these channels.

Many time the user is getting confused for how to choose videos of a single category out of many but don’t worry now when you join a channel on Telegram according to your interest you will only get the bunch of videos related to your field.

List of Best Video Channels on Telegram

Here is the list of some best videos channels on Telegram.

If you appreciate funny videos and Educational Videos then you should join the below channels for your entertainment and knowledge.

Channel NameJoin Link
EBooks & Magazine
Video Share
The Best Video
Govt Jobs Alert.In
Did You Know
WWE Lovers
Life Hack Video
Download Bay
Funny videos
English Harmony
Child Heaven
TED Talks
That’s Funny


After searching a lot we have concluded this that the effect of videos on the people mind is seriously very much higher than any other source. And I hope you will also agree with this.

All the Channels listed above are related to different categories, You can choose your interest and follow or join the same.

If you need your channels to be listed in the above list you can directly contact us through the comment box.

Best Telegram Channels for Deals

Telegram Channels For Deals

Are you looking for the best deals and offers on online shopping sites?

Here you will get the list of Telegram deals channels, you can grab amazing deals from it. Deals are something which we really want, when we are going to purchase any product or services online or offline.

A deal may be an offer coupon, cashback offer, discount offer, or some others offers like buy one get one etc. These offers are more beneficial when we make the decision to buy something.

Like in India, whenever Diwali, Independence Day and many other occasions are near these great online selling companies like Flipkart and Amazon and Paytm announced their huge sales and offers for their customers. Not just Flipkart and Amazon now the companies like Swiggy, Zomato has also allowed its customers to make orders food via their apps by applying many offer coupons.

Enjoying the deals may be a good signal but if we talk about searching a good coupon according to our requirement from the hundreds of coupons has always confused us. Many times we have suffered huge cost because we never know the options in these deals.

Telegram is a very good source to get the correct deals according to our purchase and take benefits with lesser cost. Many of us have already joined with at least one telegram channel but the channels we have listed in this article are the most trending and these channels are completely spam free.

Most of the time the channels are covered with continuous spam links and other inefficient details which may be a problem for its followers. But don’t worry all the channels listed here are personally checked by our teammates.

How to get a better deal on Telegram

Telegram is a good and better source to reach, the customer of any age group can easily get the benefits of the deals listed on the Telegram Channels.

Steps to join the Telegram Channels

  • Once you open the Telegram app, Click on the search bar and search for the desired group to join.
  • After searching the group in the search bar the app provides you with the suggestion for the similar or maybe same names in the list.
  • Now open the and click on join button to join the group.

After you join any channel, the app will notify you with all the recent deals and offer listed by the group leaders.

What are the different ways to get the Telegram offers?

  1. Always try to shop via incognito mode, as many online stores using AI technology to track your requirement details via your browsing history. You must always aware and purchase any products via incognito mode so that the prices will not be dynamic.
  2. You can add various Browser extensions like Buyhatke, Shopsmart and others to get all the recent and best deals via updates.
  3. You can also approach various Coupon and discount sites, These sites are specially for coupons and deals. You can take benefits from these sites by coping various coupons and deals code provided on the website.
  4. Use various mobile wallet apps and websites to pay the bills, these apps like Paytm, Amazon are always filled with various cashback and discounts offers which may help you in reducing your purchase bill.

List of Best Deals Telegram Channels

Channels Name Channel Link
Loot deals
Deadstar Dizcountz
Online Shopping Amazon
CoolzTricks – Only Loot Deals
India Loot Deal
Loot Deal Alerts
IHD Deals Broadcast
Paytm Loot Updates
Amazon’s Great Deals
gifts & coupons
Today’s deals
AliExpress Deals & Coupons


You can enjoy all the new and awesome deals by clicking on the links in these channels, but also you must need to save yourself from any spam by reading the complete post before clicking.

Enjoy all the deals and make your bill lesser than before.

These are all top channels still if you find any other channel you can suggest us in comment section.

Best Telegram Music Channels

Best music channels for telegram

Whenever you feel suck you always need some energy to go back at work, this energy is something which creates a freshness in us. We have seen whenever we sing and hear songs whichever we like we always feel refreshed and cool.

Here Telegram has helped us by providing many different channels and groups where we can enjoy the songs whichever we want.

But finding something like a song and movie download link over the internet is seriously a hard task for everyone.

Here in this article, you will get the list of top Music channels for Telegram where you can definitely enjoy the music at a very vast level.

The list we have provided here is managed and create after researching and practical testing, You will surely enjoy our latest Telegram music channels list.

What is Music?

Music is a love of everyone, we cannot imagine the power of music. Music is something we must listen for feeling good and better.

These are the harmonic frequency from which we explain the feeling of our heart and mind. Because it is liked by everyone, we always want a better way to listen to Music of all time.

Telegram is the best platform to download and listen to all music of all genre. But Telegram is itself a vast channel and finding the top from the list is seriously not feasible. So to reduce your efforts our team has managed and concluded the below list of BEST Telegram Music channels.

Here we have collected these top music channels of Telegram where you can find and download the music without paying a penny. You will get the all latest and all oldest music in the best music quality when you reached the list.

How we have selected these Top Channels List

Our team has practically checked all the channels personally for providing a better and good response to the user. Because many times when we go for a search for any music download and listen, we only get spam links from the groups and channels provided there. So selection of a good and legal group before visiting is more important.

Best Telegram Music Channels List

Here is the list of some of best music channels on Telegram.

Sick Mind’s Media
English Music Songs Lyrics
The HiTs
English songs and lyrics
Up Music Now
Indian Music
Muzmo Music World
Selena Gomez
Arabi Music
French Music
Bollywood Best Hindi Songs
Hindi Music
Apple Music
Arijit Singh Hits
Super Hit 90’s Songs

How to select and Join the channels on Telegram

Joining a Telegram channel is a very easy and reachable process. If you already know how to join a channel you can skip this step , if not then follow these simple steps below to easily join any telegram channel.

Step 1: Open Telegram app and search for the keyword you want to reach.

Step 2: Click on the links of the channels provided there.

Step 3: After selecting the channel, now Join the channel By clicking on the “Join” button.

Now you are also a member of the channel. Now You will get all update from the channels.

Why Listen to Music?

Many great scientists have declared many times that listening music is really a good habit for a person. As a youngster, I always used to listen to music whenever I feel suck and depressed.

  • Music is the life of many people all around the world.
  • Music is the best way to get rid of stress for everyone.
  • It is a hopeful and best way to relaxing our mind.
  • Music will definitely help you to feel happier.
  • Many doctors suggest their patients to listen music for improving their health condition.
  • It also help us to sleep better, many people have a problem of Insomnia in such conditions music is the best way to get rid out of it.
  • Music always gives us enthusiasm or motivation to rebuilt again, so it is most helpful for the persons suffering from any depression bank on the type of music we listen.
  • It is more helpful for the children and youth for increasing their mental ability. And it also increased the learning power in children.
  • Music will help us to exercise more, you will always see the Gyms plays music all the time for generating a strong power for the clients to exercise more.


I have confirmed you that these listed music channels are the best and most searched Telegram music channels over the internet. You may see many other channels but you will never get totally satisfied with it because spam links irritate you all the time.

Here you will get all the latest songs and music albums within the minimum time when it gets launched.

You can choose any Channels listed above according to your desire and enjoy the beats with latest and updated songs around the world.

Best Telegram Channels List

Tired of searching for best channels on Telegram? Well, it’s not only you but anyone who searches for good Telegram Channels will get fed up of exploring because there are a huge number of channels to choose from. So choosing a few good channels from a pool of different channels is a difficult task.

But here, we would try to answer all your questions and give you a brief idea about what is a Telegram channel and along with that, will give you a personalized list of best Telegram channels for you to choose.

But before getting into this list, let us see what a telegram channel is and what are its features, how to create one and other relevant stuff.

Telegram was the first platform to have a channel feature. Today, there are other platforms that offer channel features like Whatsapp and Facebook. A channel at these platforms goes by the name of “Whatsapp group” or “Facebook group”.  

Whatsapp Group vs Telegram Channels

The major difference between a WhatsApp group and a telegram channel is that in WhatsApp, the number of members in a single group is limited to merely 256. But in telegram, there is no such limit. A channel can have unlimited members.

Another major distinguishment between WhatsApp and telegram is that the size of shareable files also varies. In WhatsApp, you can only send a file maximum of the size of 16MB but telegram allows you to send files whose size goes up to 1.5 GB.

What is a Telegram Channel?

what is telegram channel?

Basically, a channel in Telegram is a way of message broadcasting. In simple words, a channel is an effective tool of communicating a message with a large number of audience at the same time. The audience being the members of the channel.

The message or idea can be anything. For example, in a channel, you can find specific knowledge or relevant data and information about any subject. Nowadays, Telegram channels are a very good medium for sharing knowledge.

If you are interested in Telegram, it would most probably be because of the fact that Telegram has numerous engaging channels that offer plenty of services, information, content, and data to everyone. In fact, Telegram channels are the very reason why people prefer using Telegram.

What is Broadcasting?

Broadcasting means to communicate or share an idea, message, information or data to a large audience. And Telegram broadcasting means to communicate through telegram.

For communicating in telegram, we have channels. Telegram channels are a tool for broadcasting. Through channels, we can communicate with a larger audience and that too very quickly.  So, channels ensure quick and safe broadcasting and sharing of data reaches a larger number of people.

Types of Telegram Channels

Based on the user database, Telegram channels can be divided into 2 types-

1. Public channels

Public channels are those channels that have a username. They are easily available on the internet and anyone can search them to join.  

 2. Private channels

Channels not open for public fall under this category. To join these groups, you need either an invite link or only the creator can add you in the channel.

How Can I Create a Telegram Channel?

Creating a channel on telegram is not a big deal. It is as easy as creating an account on telegram. Follow these steps to create a channel of your own-

  1. You will see a pen icon at the bottom of the screen, when you open the app. You need to select it and then choose NEW CHANNEL option. The task is done!
how to create telegram channel

2. Thereafter, you need to give your channel a name, add an image to your channel and write a suitable description of the channel.

name and description of telegram channel
creating a channel

3. As you can see in the above image, after giving the channel a name and description,  you will require to select whether you want your channel to be a public channel or a private channel to finish the creation.

You are given a permanent link  for the channel below these options.  

How to Join a Channel?

joining a telegram channel

Joining a channel is easy. First of all, you need to open or go to the channel you wish to join. You will see a JOIN button at the bottom of your screen.

Tap the join button and you’re done.

Features of a Telegram Channel

To know about the channels in a better way, here, we are listing some of the major features of telegram channel

  • Type of channel

A telegram channel can be private or public.

A public channel has a username and one can easily join a public channel. But for joining a private channel, you need the channel’s invite link.

  • Unlimited members

A telegram channel can have unlimited number of members. Unlike other platforms, telegram has not put any limit on the ceiling of members.

Moreover, whenever a new member joins the channel, he can get access to all the messages from the start.

  • Image and description

Every channel needs an image or a channel icon which is a square picture so that channel can be identified easily.

The description of the channel includes a brief idea about the channel and its content.

  • Shareable file size

As whatsapp allows you to send a file with maximum size of 16MB, telegram does not have any limitation on the size of the file that can be shared.

Telegram allows sharing of files up to the size of 1.5 GB.

  • Pinning of post

Pinning of a post is basically highlighting a specific message so that it is visible to both, the new users as well as old users.

The creator can pin out any post or any message that he feels is important for others to know.

  • Notification management

Whenever a message is dropped in the channel, its notification reaches to all the members.

However, there is an option of ‘silent broadcasting’ in the channel, which if you choose, will allow you to send a message without it popping up on the screen of the members.

Benefits of Joining a Telegram Channel

Every telegram channel has its own set of advantages to go with. It depends on the type and content of the channel whether it is beneficial or not.

Some of the advantages of telegram channels are listed below-

  1. Specific channels give you well drafted and specific knowledge on the subject.
  2. A lot of people(members) get benefitted at the same time.
  3. Helps in conducting polls, gathering information about any topic.
  4. Provides ad-free content and knowledgeable environment.
  5. Helps a lot in the advertisement as one can get potential users of a product or service at one place and that too in large numbers.
  6. Helps in effective and efficient business promotion.
  7. Users get valuable information for free.  

There you have it, we hope you understood about Telegram Channels. So, go ahead and start your group now to have fun with your family and friends.

Best Motivational Telegram Channels

Best Motivation Telegram channels

Motivation is the need of everybody. And I know you are also looking for the same and that’s why you are here for the best Motivational Channels on Telegram. Don’t take tension you are at the right place?

Most of the Telegram channels are posting spam links/posts all time. But we have collected a list of best and genuine Motivational channels on the Telegram.

In these channels, you will get the proper motivation videos, quotes according to your desire.

Some people want motivation for a new and better restart in their struggling life, some others like students who want motivation for the sake of their better studies goal and their future goals.

So everyone needs the motivation to give better results in future other than what performance they give today.

A businessman needs motivation to produces more what he produces today, a Sportsperson always wants motivation for their great performance and also to overcome the earlier loose for their next and better win.

What is Motivation? How does it affect a person’s Life?

Motivation is a term which represents the proper arrangement of thoughts which helps a person to understand what he actually needs to go-ahead in his/her life. It provides us with the Main Motive, our desire for our life which gives us the feeling and action to take what unattainable for us.

For you your desire it can be:-

  • Money
  • Health
  • Respect
  • Success

It may be anything but when you will go through the work you will see and observe many obstacles which may control you to do what you want but these channels on telegram will definitely help you to be uncontrollable.

Telegram is a best and reachable source for everyone in this world either a child, a student, an employee everyone can achieve the content what they want from the channels.

Do you know what does Motivation do for us lets take a look.

  • Motivation gives us the strength to work hard even if we are not willing to work.
  • Motivation gives us the proper concentration for the core work so that the results becomes effective.
  • Motivation through a good guide will always work with you in your whole life.
  • Motivation energies us to achieve the things which we never thought.

Factors of Motivation

Motivation Channels which we have collected here, are some of the best and trending channels over the Telegram. Because you will definitely feel suck when your Telegram is filled with notifications of spam all the time but the channels which we have listed here do not include any spam content in their groups.

There are many effective factors to overcome from our current situations and stay motivated. Which you will find in these Telegram channels.


Action is something which we always need in our life to break the level and go through the way which we decide.


Our strength decides what and how we will accomplish in our activity. Strength includes the process and right decisions, what we take for a fresh start. It includes our time and efforts in the right direction.


Concentration with action is also necessary for us to get the desired goals. What we have expected in life will not be easily attained without proper concentration.

Action, Strength and Concentration are the three main factors which led to the success of any Successful person you have ever met in your life.

List of Best Motivational Channels on Telegram

These channels which we have listed below will doubtlessly help you to grow your business, attain your study goals, your sports goal and many more.

The motivation quotes, inspirational videos and day by day stories of many successful persons on these channels will fill you with enough action and satisfaction.

Channels Name Link to Join
Motivation Guaranteed
Motivation Quotes Hindi
SS Motivation
Hindi Motivation
Motivation Monday
Motivation Daily
Motivation Vibes
Motivational Monk
Motivating Force
Billionaires’ Quotes
Think Positive Words
Success Work
Success Studios
Deeep Thought
Inspiring Thoughts
Shower Thoughts
Stay Awesome
Minions Quotes


The above list of motivational Telegram channels will definitely satisfy your needs towards these channels, earlier you may experienced many other different motivational channel but the content provided there is not according to the user need. But these channels are totally different as these groups provide the inspirational quotes and stories of all great personalities around the world.

But still, if you find any difficulty in reaching to these channels you can tell us in comments sections. You can also provide your suggestions in the comments regarding any other genuine Motivational channels on Telegram which you like.

Best Malayalam Telegram Channels List and Join Link

Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala. Recently, a lot of content has come up in Malayalam. And Telegram has gained popularity in Kerala as well.

This article will completely focus on the Malayalam audience or on those who wish to see content in the Malayalam language so if you are searching for content in some other language, I am sorry that this article won’t help you.

As usual, our team has done some research work and will try to give you the best available Malayalam content.

Our Malayalam Telegram channels list covers channels across all sections from movies to news and education.

So, let’s start the list.

Malayalam Telegram Channels List

Telegram Malayalam Movie Channel

This channel gives you access to the best Malayalam movies and HD content.

Join with-

Telegram Malayalam Music Channel

Join this channel to get access to all types of Malayalam songs and get the direct download link in zip as well as mp3 format. It has over 18000 members.

Join with-

Mollywood Diaries Channel

Here, you get songs, short videos, film criticism, and gossips of Malayalam cinema.

Join with-


This channel provides you with news from the Malayalam cinema.

Join with-

Must Read : Malayalam Books Channel

This channel provides you with useful books to study. You can access Malayalam books here daily.

Join with-

Malayalam Troll pics

This channel is famous for providing images and funny content in Malayalam language.

Join with-

NewsHead (Malayalam)

You get access to daily Malayalam news here. News from government, sports, politics, health, education, and many other sectors is covered in this channel.

Join with-

Tech Experts

You get knowledge about the IT sector in this channel. You get to know about new inventions, techniques, etc, all in Malayalam language.

Join with-

TG Encyclopedia

This channel is the encyclopedia for Malayalam users. Here, you get relevant and good quality knowledge and you can also share the knowledge you have.

Join with-

 Malayalam Meme Maker

This is one of the best Malayalam meme channels that you will find. If you want to enjoy the best Malayalam memes, then this channel is for you.

Join with-

That was the list folks. Hope you enjoy the Telegram Malayalam channels and find what you are looking for.

Best Cryptocurrency Channels on Telegram

CRYPTOCURRENCY is the new age currency. It is a substantial economic invention. It is a type of digital currency.

Before we get on to the list of best channels for cryptocurrency on Telegram, we must first get to know about cryptocurrency better.

This article will help you in finding out the best Telegram channels for cryptocurrency. We made sure that you do not face any sort of issues in operating with cryptocurrencies.

So, let’s start.

What is a Cryptocurrency?


According to Investopedia, Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. It uses cryptography for security. Because of this feature, cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit.

Cryptocurrency is based on decentralized systems based on blockchain technology. The most famous and the first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

A cryptocurrency is organic in nature, as it is not issued by any central authority. This is why the cryptocurrency is immune to government interference.


Given below are some of the advantages that cryptocurrencies serve-

  1. Ensure secure payments of online transactions.
  2. Identities of sender and receiver remain hidden and anonymous.
  3. It can be easily transferred from one account to another as it is a virtual currency.
  4. Absolutely zero interference by any government or any central authority. It makes them reach to a number of people.

Best Cryptocurrency Channels on Telegram

Cryptocurrency Channels

Given below is the list of some of the Best Cryptocurency Channels on Telegram –

ICO Speaks News
Crypto Alerts
Trading Crypto Coach
Bad Crypto Podcast
Ian Balina Crypto Alerts
ICO Reports
Coingape- Interest of money
ICO World

We understand that dealing with cryptocurrencies has to be risk-free. That is why we made a good research on the above-mentioned channels before listing them here.

We ensure that you do not get into any fraudulent or false channel.

You can choose to join any channel according to your preferences.

Best 18+ Telegram Channels

Well, this article is for those who enjoy the dark humour aka the adult humour. Join the Best 18+ Telegram Channels to enjoy the intense adult humour.

Note: We are not hosting any 18+ content here, it’s just the links of channels submitted by users.

There is nothing wrong in watching or enjoying the 18+ content but only if you are an adult. Most of the times, this content turns out to be more interesting than the others.

If you are an adult, you can decide what is good for you and what is not. You get a little mature when you cross that 18-years and this is why you should take responsibility for following the right path.

So, the list is provided here, but the decision remains to be yours.

Our team examined many channels and then came up with these channels. These include adult humour channels, porn channels on Telegram, adult photos channels, etc.

So, here we would be providing you with the list of best 18+ channels on Telegram for your entertainment.

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Why 18+ Content?

Well, we do not strictly recommend the 18+ content for everyone, we just want this content to reach the right audience.

The question that arises here is that what is the need for 18+ content?

Well, it is simple, with time, the needs, interests, wishes and desires of an individual change. When you are a kid, you enjoy cartoons and relevant stuff but as growing up you lose interest in them, right?

Similarly, an adult does not want to have the same old humour in his life, he needs a change. It applies for both, girls and boys.

So, the 18+ content can help you out in the following manner-

  • Deal with depression
  • Relieving the pressure of school, college, etc.
  • Relief from social media addiction
  • Coming to terms with a new style of humour.
  • Cheering you up in bad days.

The Best 18+ Channels on Telegram-

Here is the list of channels that we have sorted for you-

Real S*x
Celebrity Nude
Telegram Porn
S*x Dome 18+
Uncensored (18+)
Erotic 18+
Sweet P*rn
S*x Photos 18+
Hentai Pictures
p*rn Girls
Word Porn
Hot Bitches 18+
P*rnx Tube
Virgin Girls