How To Convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac

Apple began using the HEIC image format. Because of its reduced file sizes, it is favoured over the incumbent JPG, and it has also made its way to the Mac. Some apps may have issues using HEIC. Here’s how to convert HEIC files to JPG quickly.

It’s more frequent  to happen on a Mac, so wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a quick and easy way to convert any number of HEIC format photographs to JPG

How to Change a HEIC File to JPEG Online Free using iMobie HEIC Converter

Convert HEIC to JPG
  • If your Mac system is not up to date with macOS High Sierra, Top & Free HEIC File Converter can assist you in viewing and opening HEIC photos on your Mac. The free online iMobie HEIC converter, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, is one of the best free HEIC conversion tools available.
  • By converting the file to the most compatible format, JPEG has made it easier for users to read HEIC files on platforms that it does not support.
  • The following are some of its important characteristics:
  • Because it is a spy-free and virus-free utility, it is completely secure and safe to use on the PC.
  • The application provides you with several image quality settings, including Standard, Medium, and High.

To convert HEIC photos to JPG, using Quick Action.

Convert HEIC to JPG
  • To utilise your new Quick Action, right-click any HEIC file—or any picture file, for that matter—and select the Quick Action you generated earlier. You can also select a collection of photographs and convert them all at once.

How to Use Preview to Convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac

Convert HEIC to JPG
  • The picture format HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) is used to store photos taken with cell phones. HEIC has been embraced by several device manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, and Google since it is a reliable method of storing photo files without losing data.
  • However, because HEIC is still a new format, it does not have the same level of widespread adoption as the older JPG format (aka JPEG). When trying to upload a HEIC file to some websites and apps, this can cause problems.
  • When you use the Preview application that comes with every Mac, converting HEIC to JPEG is simple. Converting your image file to a more identifiable format takes only a few clicks.
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What is the HEIC file format?

Convert HEIC to JPG
  • First and foremost, HEIC is the file extension for HEIF files and pictures. Apple embraced the HEIF format, which stands for High-Efficiency Image Format, in 2017.
  • As you may expect from the name, photographs saved in this manner are “more efficient.” That is, they are smaller while maintaining the same level of quality.
  • HEIF isn’t a format in the traditional sense. Rather, it’s a storage container for the photo that employs powerful compression techniques to reduce the file size to around half that of a JPG.
  • In case you’re wondering, HEIF is the industry standard, and HEIC is the term Apple gave it. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to it as HEIC in this post.

What is a JPEG file?

A JPEG is a sort of image format that uses compression to save data. The output image is a trade-off between storage size and image quality as a result of compression. Users can modify the compression level to reach the desired degree of quality while also reducing storage space. 

Convert HEIC to JPG

When 10:1 compression is used on an image, the image quality is barely altered. The higher the compression value, the worse the image quality will be.

Specifications for File Formats

  • The Joint Photographic Experts Group established the JPEG picture file format, hence the name JPEG. The format has preferred method of storing and transferring photographic images over the internet.
  • Almost all operating systems now include viewers that can display JPEG images, which are frequently saved with the JPG extension. JPEG images can now be seen in web browsers as well. The whole sequence of stages involved in JPEG generation must be discussed before delving into the JPEG file format standards.

The distinctions between the HEIC and JPG formats

There are some significant distinctions between HEIC and JPG files. You may be more familiar with JPG because it has been around longer and can be used and viewed by anybody (on any device).

HEIC vs JPG photo size and quality

Convert HEIC to JPG

The size of the photos, as previously indicated, is another significant distinction. HEIC photos are to the point that they are roughly half the size of their JPG counterparts.

HEIC photographs also keep their quality despite the additional compression (and will actually be higher quality than a JPG of the same size). 

As a result, you can get a better, higher-resolution HEIF photo for the same size as a low-quality JPG. It’s quite cool.

HEIC vs. JPG compatibility

Convert HEIC to JPG
  • You can’t just open a HEIC file if you don’t have a Mac or an iPhone, as you now know. One of its primary drawbacks is that Apple’s operating system transforms HEIC photographs to JPG when you download or share them.
  • JPG files, on the other hand, are cross-platform and browser-independent. As a result, you may open a JPG file from anywhere.
  • If you want a simple photo opening/viewing experience until the rest of the world adopts the HEIC format, you’ll have to convert to JPG.


If you use iOS, the odds are that you never really notice if an image is in the HEIC or JPG format because, for the most part, it makes little difference. When you start sharing photographs or storing them on your Mac for later use, you’ll probably want them in a more standard format. The standard format is JPG. Here in this article, we have included the ways using which you can convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac

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