Hi Nanna Telugu Movie Review

“Hi Nanna,” a Telugu movie released recently, has been receiving mixed reviews. Here’s a detailed look at what the film offers, focusing on its story, performances, and overall impact.

Story and Direction

The film revolves around Viraj, a single father and photographer, and his daughter Mahi. The story begins on an emotional note, focusing on the bond between father and daughter. Viraj, played by Nani, faces the challenge of answering Mahi’s questions about her mother, adding depth to the narrative. The movie takes a turn with the introduction of Yashna, played by Mrunal Thakur, whose character brings significant changes to their lives.

Director Shouryuv has been praised for his handling of the emotional aspects of the story, although some critics noted the narrative’s pacing issues and occasional plot inconsistencies.

Hi Nanna Movie Performances

Nani’s portrayal of Viraj is a standout, effectively capturing the nuances of single parenthood. Baby Kiara Khanna, as Mahi, adds an adorable innocence to the film. Mrunal Thakur’s performance as Yashna is also noteworthy, adding depth to her character.

Technical Aspects

The film’s cinematography, led by Sanu Varghese, has been praised for its vibrant and rich visuals. The music and background score by Hesham Abdul Wahab have been described as mellifluous, significantly enhancing the film’s emotional tone.


“Hi Nanna” is described as a heartwarming family drama, appreciated for its emotional depth and strong performances. However, it faces criticism for its slow pacing and some routine portions in the first half. The film’s strength lies in its second half, which is filled with more emotional and heart touching moments.

Overall, “Hi Nanna” has been rated as a decent film that appeals to family audiences and lovers of class movies, with its well-written second half being a major highlight.


While “Hi Nanna” has its flaws, particularly in the first half and some narrative aspects, it stands out for its emotional storytelling, performances, and technical excellence. It’s a film that may resonate well with viewers who enjoy heartfelt family dramas.

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