In Depth Analysis and Review of the Movie Pippa

Hello there, dear readers! Today we’re delving into the world of Indian cinema with a review of the much-discussed film “Pippa.” This film has been generating a lot of talk, and I’m here to tell you what makes it so unique. Let’s get this party started!

The Storyline

“Pippa” is a combat film that transports us to the events of 1971. It’s a narrative of courage, patriotism, and the human spirit. The film pays tribute to India’s charity and humanism in difficult circumstances.

The Cast and Crew

“Pippa” stars Ishaan Khatter, Mrunal Thakur, Priyanshu Painyuli, and Soni Razdan and is directed by Raja Krishna Menon. Ishaan Khatter, in particular, has won accolades for his role as the film’s narrator, guiding it through its highs and lows.

The Review


A War Film with a Heart:

Unlike most war films, “Pippa” does not focus solely on the combat. It’s more about human emotions and the troops’ spirit. The film does an excellent job of depicting our soldiers’ bravery and sacrifices.


Ishaan Khatter excels in his performance, providing depth and heart to his character. Mrunal Thakur and Priyanshu Painyuli, among others, give outstanding performances as well.

Direction and Cinematography:

Raja Krishna Menon’s direction and cinematography are both excellent. He has captured the core of the 1971 war while keeping the narrative interesting. The cinematography, which brings the scenes to life, is especially notable.

The Message:

The message of “Pippa” is one of peace and humanity. It’s a film that looks beyond the battle to the human side of things.

Ratings and Reception

The film has gotten mixed reviews, with some appreciating its authenticity and others criticizing its rough plot. However, the widespread agreement is that it is a must-see for its sincere tribute to the spirit of India.


“Pippa” is a war film with a twist. It’s a film that makes you think and feel as well as entertain you. It’s a heartfelt tribute to our country’s soldiers and a reminder of the power of humanity.

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