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The latest Bollywood release “Tejas” has been the buzz of the town for its portrayal of a daring and skillful Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot, Tejas Gill, played by the versatile actress Kangana Ranaut. The plot concentrates around Tejas‘ amazing adventure, in which she risks her life during risky missions. But how did the film fair with critics and audiences? Let’s look at evaluations from multiple sources to obtain a more complete picture.

Hindustan Times: A Winding Road Through the Skies and Geopolitics

Tejas Movie Review

According to the Hindustan Times, “Tejas” is a film that “takes the audience on a bumpy ride through the skies and geopolitics.” While the film highlights the IAF’s gallantry, it also digs into the political connotations that come with it. The review praises Kangana’s performance but suggests that the story should have been smoother.

The Indian Express: Kangana Shines Despite Eye Rolls

The Indian Express review emphasizes the film’s intention to maintain Kangana Ranaut at the center of attention, often at the expense of other characters. Tejas Gill’s path from a supportive family background to her top gun avatar in the IAF is depicted in the film. However, the premise of the film, particularly a ‘Uri’ style operation and the portrayal of the enemy, causes the viewer to roll their eyes multiple times. Despite its weaknesses, Kangana’s acting talent comes through, making her the film’s star.

Kangana Ranaut’s Surgical Strike Fails

The film’s narrative is criticized in The Hindu’s review, which calls it “a lackluster effort to promote nationalist feelings.” The film, produced by the same people who brought you “Uri: The Surgical Strike,” falls short of expectations. The film’s incapacity to retain emotional depth and its focus on Kangana’s character, frequently at the expense of a powerful antagonist or a compelling plot, are criticized in the review.


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IMDb Reactions: A Mixed Bag

“Tejas” received a 6.9/10 rating on IMDb. Some users laud the film for its plot and Kangana’s performance, while others criticize it for its lack of depth and overemphasis on nationalism. According to one featured review, the film is a beacon of storytelling excellence, with Kangana’s performance of Tejas Gill being the standout. However, the movie box office performance has been unimpressive, eliciting varied opinions on social media.


“Tejas” tries to combine the excitement of aerial battle with the complexities of geopolitics and nationalism. While Kangana Ranaut’s performance is universally praised, the film’s narrative and depiction of some events have been criticized by critics. It’s a film that promises high flying action and drama but appears to fall short in several places. Whether you want action packed sequences or a captivating storyline, “Tejas” has something for everyone, making it a must see for Bollywood fans.

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